The Release of Our Science Issue 5

We are excited to announce the release of Our Science Issue 5: Summer 2017 available on our website on issue contains a range of news and insight into some of the fascinating work being carried out at MRCG. The contents are listed below and the French version will be available soon. Please do share this issue with your networks.

Our Science 5 Summer edition released

Our Science 5 Summer edition released

This issue includes:

• Written by The Unit Director
• The formation of the West African Global Health Alliance marks an important milestone not just for MRCG but for the region

Disease Control & Elimination
• The Teknon Project yields excellent results which could see the use of solar power dramatically increase access to oxygen for patients in low resource settings
• Over 6,000 individuals included in the largest dataset on blood pressure across a healthy rural sub-Saharan population covering all ages above 5 years.

Vaccines & Immunity
• IPV campaign-based trial vaccinates 2,720 infants and children in 3 days across 6 sites in The Gambia

Science Support Services
• A 3-day course certifies staff in the safe shipment of infectious substances
• A joint SOP with MRC Cambridge sees dramatic reduction in contract review times for MRCG researchers

• Dr Joseph Okebe, a Clinical Epidemiologist, completes PhD on the impact of interventions to reduce residual malaria transmission in The Gambia in the context of malaria elimination

• Dr Adedapo Bashorun – a Rising Star within the Vaccines and Immunity Theme

• Lamin Sillah a Product of MRCG’s Commitment to Train Young Africans to Become Scientists

• Dr Nuredin Mohammed is shaping MRC Unit The Gambia’s Statistics Department

• Dr Modou Jobe aims to understand the link between metabolic problems and the development of cardiovascular diseases