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The Diagnostic Utility of Induced Sputum Microscopy and Culture in Childhood Pneumonia.
Murdoch DR1,2, Morpeth SC3,4,5, Hammitt LL3,6, Driscoll AJ6, Watson NL7, Baggett HC8,9, Brooks WA10,11, Deloria Knoll M6, Feikin DR6,12, Kotloff KL13, Levine OS6,14, Madhi SA15,16, O'Brien KL6, Scott JAG3,4, Thea DM17, Adrian PV15,16, Ahmed D11, Alam M11,
Clinical Infectious Disease 29 May 2017;  () :
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Chest Radiograph Findings in Childhood Pneumonia Cases From the Multisite PERCH Study
Fancourt N1,2,3, Deloria Knoll M1, Baggett HC4,5, Brooks WA6,7, Feikin DR1,8, Hammitt LL1,9, Howie SRC10,11,12, Kotloff KL13, Levine OS1,14, Madhi SA15,16, Murdoch DR17,18, Scott JAG9,19, Thea DM20, Awori JO9, Barger-Kamate B21,22, Chipeta J23,24, DeLuca
Clinical Infectious Disease 29 May 2017;  () :
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Microscopic Analysis and Quality Assessment of Induced Sputum From Children With Pneumonia in the PERCH Study
Murdoch DR, Morpeth SC, Hammitt LL, Driscoll AJ, Watson NL, Baggett HC, Brooks WA, Deloria Knoll M, Feikin DR, Kotloff KL, Levine OS, Madhi SA, O'Brien KL, Scott JAG, Thea DM, Ahmed D, Awori JO, DeLuca AN, Ebruke BE, Higdon MM, Jorakate P, Karron RA, Kazu
Clinical Infectious Disease 29 May 2017;  () :
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Standardized Interpretation of Chest Radiographs in Cases of Pediatric Pneumonia From the PERCH Study
Fancourt N1,2,3, Deloria Knoll M1, Barger-Kamate B4,5, de Campo J6, de Campo M6, Diallo M7, Ebruke BE8, Feikin DR1,9, Gleeson F10, Gong W1, Hammitt LL1,11, Izadnegahdar R12, Kruatrachue A13, Madhi SA14,15, Manduku V11, Matin FB16, Mahomed N14,17, Moore DP
Clinical Infectious Disease 27 May 2017;  () :
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Phylogeographic agreement between prophage and bacterial housekeeping genes in Helicobacter pylori strains from The Gambia
Helicobacter 22 May 2017;  () :
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