MRC Unit The Gambia to incorporate MRC ING

The MRC International Nutrition Group (MRC ING) will become fully integrated into the MRC Unit The Gambia with effect from 1 April 2014. The move follows ING’s successful bid for renewed funding (2014-2019).

Unit hosts World Gastroenterology Training Workshop

Horizons Trust Gambia, in partnership with The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, and MRC Gambia Unit, has the pleasure of welcoming the World Gastroenterology Organization to The Gambia to lead a Gastroenterology Regional Training Course for the first time for the West African sub-region at large.

Dr Martin Ota, Clinical Immunologist/Vaccinologist

Unit Scientist wins Royal Society Pfizer Exceptional Merit Award

Dr Martin Ota, Clinical Immunologist/Vaccinologist (MRC Unit The Gambia) has been awarded this year’s Royal Society Pfizer Exceptional Merit Award.  His studies are targeted at biomarker discoveries to understand the pathogenesis of tuberculosis and pneumococcal diseases, including clinical trials of novel vaccines to these two pathogens.

Dramatic drop in child deaths

Dramatic drop in child deaths: Has The Gambia reached the Millennium Development Goal target seven years early? Simple health service measures could cut the number of children dying in rural areas of Africa by the age of five by over two thirds, according to a new study.

Flourescent microscopes are capable of identifying at least 10% more TB cases than conventional light microscopes. From left: Professor Tumani Corrah; Hon Fatim Badjie - Minister of Health; Dr Makie Taal – Director, National Public Health Laboratories; Mr Adama Jallow – National Leprosy & TB Control Programme.

TB detection in The Gambia: a new era

On Thursday 16th June, the Medical Research Council Unit, The Gambia, under the auspices of The United Nations Global Fund donated 11 flourescent microscopes to the National TB Reference Laboratory which is hosted by the Gambia’s National Public Health Laboratories.

Sarah Burl

Scientists boost newborn immunity to help reduce infection in African children

Scientists have found a new approach to overcome a major barrier to immunising newborn African children. This discovery, carried out by a multinational team including researchers at Medical Research Council (MRC) The Gambia, could help refine vaccines so that they are specifically designed to work with a newborn’s immune system and go some way to […]

Clinical trial calls for change in treatment guidelines for severe malaria

The largest ever clinical trial in patients hospitalised with severe malaria has concluded that the drug artesunate should now be the preferred treatment for the disease in both children and adults everywhere in the world. The study, funded by the Wellcome Trust, is published in the latest edition of the journal The Lancet1.