Our Objectives

MRC Unit The Gambia’s Communications Department supports and promotes the achievements of The Unit, as well as takes into account the new vision, aims and approach.

As MRCG is comprised of three stations (which include themes, departments, projects, and scientists) each having its own distinct characteristics and focus areas, we build on each other’s strengths to better promote our work as a collective.

Our Communication Strategy takes into account the Charter of the MRC as it addresses the following:

  1. Generates public awareness
  2. Communicates research outcomes
  3. Encourages public engagement and dialogue
  4. Disseminates knowledge
  5. Provides advice

Communications is a core activity of MRCG and essential. It is a reflection of our scientific achievements of the past, highlights our current work, and promotes MRCG to encourage stronger collaborations, new projects/initiatives, and more health scientific research for our future.