Major Incident Medical Management Support Course held at the MRC Unit The Gambia

The Hospital Major Incident Medical Management and Support Course (MIMMS) training was held at MRC Unit The Gambia from 22nd to 26th January, 2018.

The training involved 24 health workers from across various public health facilities in The Gambia and 24 MRC Unit The Gambia Clinical Services Department staff.

The training was conducted by a team of eight trainers from the Advanced Life Support Group in the United Kingdom. The aim of the course is to prepare health facilities for appropriate and adequate response in case of a major man-made or natural disaster-related-incidents by having a plan in place.

Participant at the Training

Participants at the training

The main learning points were that the best time to be ready for a major incident is well before the incident. When an incident occurs, the health teams must remember in all they do to do the most for the most i.e. spread out resources in such a way that majority are given a fair chance of survival.

The desired outcome of the training is for health facilities in The Gambia to have their own locally adapted major incident plan which can be activated and followed in the event of a major incident. MRC Unit The Gambia already has its own major incident plan that is regularly updated.

MRC Unit The Gambia were applauded for funding and facilitating this successful training as this is the first of its kind to be held in The Gambia