Research Support Services

Research Governance & Support Services

Created with the aim of better coordinating activities between its different components (clinical trial support, data management and statistics, research development, project management and library) and thus providing support to investigators to carry out clinical research at the highest possible standards. Research development and project management provides support for negotiating and managing research projects and it’s entirely supported by competitive funds.

Laboratory Services

Includes all laboratory activities carried out at MRCG plus the biobank and the biomedical engineering, and it’s essential for producing world-class science. The clinical lab, the serology and TB lab have successfully achieved full GCLP accreditation and the more stringent ISO 15189 accreditation standards. The increasing number of large- scale population-based studies, community interventions and novel genomic approaches requires high-throughput technologies and increased capacity in bioinformatics.


Since July 2015, our medical diagnostics laboratories have attained international recognition in quality and competence in accordance with ISO 15189:2012 through KENAS accreditation