Seminar Overview: Leptin Signalling in Neutrophils: The Effect of the Q223R Leptin Receptor Polymorphism

Presenter: Caitlin Naylor

Event: MRCG Festival 

Featuring: MRCG Festival, The PregnAnZI-2 Project Open Day, NeoInnate/EPIC HIPC Open Day, Al Jazeera Visit

Seminar Overview:  Impact of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine in The Gambia

Presenter: Dr Grant Mackenzie

Seminar Overview:  The Importance of Global Mental Health for Children and Adolescents, and Detecting Adverse Drug Reaction in Clinical Trials: An Update

Presenters: Dr Daphne Babalis; Prof Paul Ramchandani

Seminar Overview:  Emergence of Serogroup C Meningococcal Meningitis Epidemics in Nigeria after MenAfriVac: Coincidence or Consequence?

Presenter: Prof Martin Antonio

Seminar Overview: Electronic Medical Record Service – A Journey to Paperless Utopia?

Presenters: Gilleh Thomas and Dr. Karen Forrest

Seminar Overview:  Alasana Bah (Teixobactin, A New Antibiotic from Uncultivable Soil Bacterium is Hoping to End the Standoff with Gram Positive Resistant Bacteria) & James Cross (Iron and Infection: Neonatal Nutritional Immunity (NeoInnate Study)

Seminar Overview: Malaria Infectious Reservoir and Genomics: When the MIRaGe becomes Reality

Presenter: Dr. Antoine Claessens

Seminar Overview: Cloud Computing & Research: Risks & Opportunities

Presenter: Badou Gaye