Our Science: Autumn 2016

17 November 2016

Our Science: Autumn 2016


In This Issue:

Hundreds turn out for MRC Unit The Gambia’s Open Day in Keneba; EU approves pneumococcal vaccine based on MRC Unit The Gambia study; Introducing the MRC and ME Wellbeing Programme, and more!



  • Our Science: Issue 2


  • Hundreds turn out for MRC Unit The Gambia’s Open Day in Keneba

Disease Control & Elimination

  • Aiming for Pre-elimination Status with Malaria Programme Grant


  • Introducing the BRain Imaging in Global HealTh (BRIGHT) Study in Gambian Infants

Vaccines & Immunity

  • EU approval of pneumococcal vaccine based on MRC Unit The Gambia study

Science Support Services

  • Development of Electronic Medical Records System for MRC Unit The Gambia Clinical Services Department
  • The Quality Journey at MRC Unit The Gambia


  • MRC and ME Wellbeing Programme


  • Paediatrician and Clinical Trial Coordinator- Dr Olubukola Idoko
  • PhD student- Christine Bartram
  • Head of Health, Safety and Environment- Sarah Dufie Sarpong
  • Coordinator of the malaria group within the Disease Control and Elimination Theme- Dr Jane Achan


Previous Edition: Our Science- Spring 2016


MRC Unit The Gambia launches’ 2016-2021 Quinquennial; Dr Eniyou Cheryll Oriero, an early career Research Scientist; Deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals arising from poor quality diets are a major public health problem in low-and-middle-income countries; Neonatal and early infant morbifity and mortality remains the highest in low and middle-income countries.

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