Introducing MRC Unit The Gambia’s new newsletter, Our Science

14 April 2016

We are excited to announce the release of our new quarterly newsletter, Our Science, and brochure that have now been posted on our website. Our Science focuses on the research we carry out hence the title and brings your attention to our achievements. 

Our Science offers an opportunity to share our research findings by Themes and department, as well as feature staff. The primary goal of the newsletter is to inform collaborators, partners, staff and the scientific community of how MRCG is progressing in scientific research to save lives and improve health across the world. The newsletter will also be available in French.


Staff receiving Our Science newsletter during the 2016-2021 Quinquennial launch

We have also created a brochure that provides an overview of our mission to deliver innovative, world-leading research, as well as maintain the ability to attract and retain the highest calibre of staff. The brochure highlights our achievement since inception in 1947. It describes how we work and where we are based. Our field stations have been plotted on a map of The Gambia. The map also highlight’s West Africa to emphasize our collaborative links within the sub-region.

Access Our Science newsletter and the Brochure on our website.

We encourage you to share this material with collaborators to further our reach and for knowledge transfer. We look forward to hearing your comments on this first issue. Please email comments to Thank you for your continued support.