Lamin Sillah a Product of MRCG’s Commitment to Train Young Africans to Become Scientists

30 July 2018

Lamin Sillah is contributing to the building of a strong Genomics Lab at MRCG

Lamin Sillah is a Scientific Officer working in the Genomics Laboratory with a strong interest in next-generation sequencing techniques and their application in infectious diseases research. He is a product of the Unit’s commitment to training young Africans to become scientists. His dual skills in molecular techniques and basic bioinformatics are precisely suited to the Genomics platform.

Lamin was recruited to MRCG in 2001 as a high school graduate. In 2005, he did a certificate course in Biomedical Sciences organised in-house by the MRCG, then in 2007, proceeded to his diploma in biomedical sciences, by distance learning, with the University of Westminster.

Later he was successful in obtaining a 3 year BSc scholarship funded by the MRC Foundation (MRF), to study Biomedical Sciences at the University of Manchester. He has recently completed an MSc in Medical Microbiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and has now been appointed Scientific Officer at the Genomics Lab.

Lamin’s MSc was a practically-oriented course, which aimed to impart skills in clinical diagnostics and in recent molecular developments in the diagnosis of bacteria and viruses. Lamin’s core modules in bacteriology and virology included advanced training in molecular biology and recombinant techniques, molecular biology research progress and applications. The course aligns with both the present and future research interests of the MRCG as it teaches the understanding and diagnosis of pathogens involved in infectious diseases with a research-oriented approach. It also incorporates significant practical lab work and the acquisition of bioinformatics skills applicable to the rapidly increasing molecular approach to biomedical research.

According to Lamin, “No one achieves anything worthwhile without the significant contribution from others.” He added that he is grateful to his family for their unfailing love and to the MRCG for the opportunities they have and are providing to many aspiring African scientists in The Unit.

Lamin hopes to contribute to the building of a strong and efficient Genomics Laboratory and looks forward to undertaking a PhD which will lay a strong foundation in his future research career.