Major refurbishment of research facilities at Keneba Field Station

The MRC head office awarded the Nutrition theme, headed by Professor Andrew Prentice,  a resource grant worth £840,000.00 and capital grant of £100,000.00, on the 1st  April 2014, for the refurbishment of research facilities at Keneba Field Station. The objective of the project is to upgrade the facilities, to promote high quality scientific research whilst ensuring the comfort and safety of staff, patients and visitors.

Keneba_refurbishment_LThe significance of the project
The Nutrition theme in Keneba has grown over the years, dating back to 1949, resulting in capacity challenges, including facilities that have deteriorated with aged equipment and furnishings that required urgent replacement. In acknowledgement of the growing reputation and the increased external funding secured and managed by the Nutrition theme, it is imperative to ensure that the research  and support facilities  are in excellent conditions by march 2016, supporting The Unit’s leading scientific research to attract  renown international researchers.

Areas under refurbishment
The areas that are being refurbished include the Laboratory facilities, where the re-design of the interior spaces is anticipated to add flexibility and added capability to the labs, focusing on the rehabilitation and expansion of the main laboratory building, the conversion of the top floor Bantaba into microbiology and cell culture laboratories. Kitting includes new lab benching and furniture, fume cabinets, freezers and fridges.The works ongoing at the

Clinical facilities include upgrading the clinical facilities to accommodate delivery, observation and consulting  rooms, fitted with new furniture, beds and screens
The expansion of IT facilities is also ongoing, to be fitted with new furniture, shelves, laying of fibre optic cables, linking buildings and the garage.

To support the Laboratory  a new archive building has been kitted with monorack mobile shelves; new general storeroom with temperature controlled facilities; new freezer room; with the provision of an Auto clave and dish washing facilities.

The Administrative building is also being expanded, the seminar room will be fitted with a collapsing divider wall, construction of additional offices and a training room.  Kitting includes new furniture, training amenities and computers.

To cut down power consumption and save energy, all light system will be replaced with a better energy efficient system.

The capital funding is for the provision, installation and commissioning of two new 250KVA generators and the refurbishment of two existing generators.

The project’s impact on Keneba community
The project will increase staff motivation through working in a safe and aesthetic environment, thus culminating to  improve services to our patients and study participants.

“It is quite a challenge to carry out works in an active facility without obstructing operations. With the dedication and commitment of the entire station staff to this project, we were able to overcome all challenges” said Buba Jabang Keneba Station Administrator.