Moving into automation with Electronic Medical Records System (EMRS)

16 May 2017

As digital technology continues to gain an ever-growing role in healthcare, institutions are gearing up to welcome its many advantages. On Tuesday 28th March 2017, MRC Unit The Gambia launched its new Electronic Medical Records System (EMRS) which enables a more seamless and timely flow of information that encompasses and leverages digital progress.

The launch in the Clinical Services Department (CSD) took a form of a visit by The Unit Director, Prof Umberto D’Alessandro and Director of Operations, Joan Vives-Tomas who were given a demonstration on how the system works. The Directors were accompanied by project leaders Bai Lamin Dondeh – Head of the Data Management, Dr Karen Forrest – Head of Clinical Services, and Gilleh Thomas – Lead Developer, and given a walkthrough of the whole system, from patient registration, patient check-in, doctor’s consultation, lab requests and results, cashier payments, and finally to the pharmacy.

EMRS demonstration in progress

EMRS demonstration

Moving into automation with the EMRS has transformed the way care is delivered, streamlining processes as well as implementing automated validation controls in critical areas of the system.The digital health care infrastructure, created by EMRS has significantly improved efficiency, speed and safety within the CSD. A patient’s medical history is available whenever and wherever it is needed. It has significantly improved communication, recharging, electronic prescribing, audit capability and quality improvement, implementing change within the CSD.

When asked to comment on the efficiency of EMRS to the clinic, Dr Karen Forrest said, “The EMRS has enormous potential for changing the way we care for our patients and for improving the quality of service provided. It enables us to access their information as individuals, but also to analyse the whole patient group and better manage the clinic.”

Commenting on the integration of phase two of the project, Bai Lamin Dondeh said, “The integration of the outer Gate clinic, which is the only component of the CSD yet to be included in the EMRS, will be a major contributing factor to the success of phase two of the EMRS project. Its integration will give the Unit a fuller picture of the entire service being provided at the CSD.”


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