MRC Festival 2019 Presenter Series: Dr. Joquina Chiquita Jones, Preventing Infections

19 June 2019Dr Joquina Chiquita Jones graduated in the third set of Medical Doctors from the University of The Gambia, School of Medicine and then obtained a Masters in Public Health (Epidemiology and Biostatistics major) from Curtin University in Perth, Australia in 2015. She is presently working on the PregnAnZI-2 multi-country clinical trial, which aims to determine the impact of a single dose of intrapartum azithromycin on new-born sepsis and mortality.

Prior to this, she worked as a Research Clinician for the Vaccine Impact on Diarrhoea in Africa (VIDA) project, a multi-country study that investigated the effectiveness of Rotavirus Vaccine on diarrhoea in children under 5 years in The Gambia, Mali and Kenya in collaboration with the University of Maryland Baltimore. In this role, she was responsible for a range of clinical and applied research-based activities in rural Gambia.

At the Festival, Dr. Jones will share insights from the VIDA project, including information on the types, causes, symptoms, prevention and management of diarrhoea.

Dr Jones is interested in Clinical and Infectious Disease epidemiology, implementation of health care system delivery, Maternal and child health care as well as Public Health Leadership. She has a strong passion to contribute to research through utilisation of health data, to ameliorate the health problems of our population. Alongside medicine and research, she is interested in mentoring young people and voluntary work. She has volunteered and involved in local community participation and Peer Health Education Program, that increase awareness on health-related issues through radio and community health sensitization programs.

She has a record of participation in scientific research and contribution to peer reviewed publications which have the potential for modification of public health practices. She is part of several professional organisations locally and internationally, including the International Epidemiology association, Public Health Association of Australia and the Gambia Association of Resident doctors.

Dr Jones is a home maker with her husband and two lovely children.