MRC Festival- Joseph Mendy presents on Think TB

Joseph Mendy joined MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM in August 2003 as a Laboratory Technician. He is currently a Scientific Officer within the Tuberculosis Research Group (TBRG). He obtained a BSc in Biology from the University of The Gambia in 2012 and is currently doing an MSc in Molecular Biology with Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Joseph Mendy – Scientific Officer

Joseph has a keen interest in development of novel host-based TB diagnostic tests. His MSc project is comparing host biomarkers in sputum from TB patients and those with other respiratory infections to develop the best ‘signature’ that can diagnose TB.

Joseph has previously been involved in TB vaccine trial and has vast experience in the field of TB diagnosis. He has been first author and co-author on many peer-reviewed publications in this regard

At the MRC Festival, Joseph will be presenting on the topic Think TB . His presentation will touch on symptoms, transmission, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. He will also provide a guide on how to assist individuals suspected of having TB.