MRC Festival – Sainabou Njie presents on the importance of Teaching TB

Sainabou Njie joined MRC Unit The Gambia at LSHTM in February 2009 as a Laboratory Technician. She initially worked in the serology laboratory and currently works in the TB immunology laboratory. Sainabou studied Biochemistry at the London Metropolitan University in UK.

Sainabou Njie – Laboratory Technician

She has been involved in various immunological assays including measurement of anti-pneumococcal antibody to various serotypes in addition to providing immunological data on tuberculosis patients that has been used for several scientific publications. Sainabou has a keen interest in the socio-economic factors associated with knowledge and perception about tuberculosis among school children. She believes that school children should be empowered and encouraged to take the lead in the fight against tuberculosis.

At the MRC Festival, Sainabou will be demonstrating the importance of Teaching TB in a game. She will explain the effectiveness of using a grassroots approach to educate and sensitize the community about TB. This will result in an increased case detection and treatment through symptom recognition.

Several key messages reinforced throughout the game will allow visitors to understand the impact of TB on families and communities, the importance of treatment adherence, risk factors and prevention methods.