MRC Unit The Gambia Commissions a New Unit Video

30 March 2016
The MRC Unit The Gambia (MRCG) is internationally recognised for its immense contribution in tackling infectious diseases of global public health importance in sub Saharan Africa. The scientific vision of MRCG is to contribute to the post-2015 sustainable development agenda by producing evidence base research to improve health in West Africa and beyond.

More specifically, The Unit will contribute to the control of infectious diseases of public health importance in West Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, addressing the unacceptably high burden of maternal and neonatal mortality, design and implement next generation interventions against nutrition-related diseases through discovery science, and strengthen research on non-communicable diseases.

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The Dreaming Fish Team

Research at the MRCG remains focused on the health priorities of The Gambia and neighbouring countries in the West African sub-region. To unveil this new vision, MRCG contracted the Dreaming Fish Productions Company in March to produce a short documentary highlighting four key elements; Accomplishments, Visions, Facilities and Themes.

The Dreaming Fish team arrived in The Gambia on 7th March 2016 to produce a 3-5 minute video across 6 days with the MRCG team at Fajara, Keneba, Basse and Wali Kunda. The video highlights interviews from MRCG personnel and has footage of our facilities, staff at work, community activities and clinical services.

“Our Unit video reflects on our scientific achievements of the past, highlights our current work, and promotes MRCG to encourage stronger collaborations, new projects/initiatives, and more scientific health research for our future.” Sarah Fernandes, Head of Communications MRCG.

On 1 April 2016, senior representatives from MRC UK, government officials and partners in The Gambia will be in attendance to witness the launching of MRCG’s new cohesive research strategies for The Gambia and West African.