MRC Unit The Gambia launched an E-Induction module for new staff

10 January 2017

As part of MRCG’s drive towards operational efficiency and to increase the retention of new employees, MRCG launched an E-Induction module for new staff.

The E-Induction module was created to communicate The Unit’s established culture, values and goals to new and incoming staff.

The module architects (Director of Operations Mr Joan Vives Tomas, in conjunction with The Unit’s Information Technology and Human Resources departments) together with the Project Manager, Aminatta Houma Colin set off to develop the E-Induction module. The new module allows staff to complete parts of their induction process online with a certificate of completion issued at the end. The module gives an overview of the services provided by some of our departments including Human Resources, Information Technology, Research Training and Career Development as well as Health, Safety and Environment.

It also outlines what all employees should know about the services provided by these departments. The E-Induction programme which ensures a comprehensive and consistent message to new and incoming staff was well received by staff and managers. According to users, the online module offers a more balanced induction process, improves understanding of the organisation, departmental structure, processes and procedures.