MRC Unit The Gambia Plants Trees to Preserve the Future

4 August 2017
MRCG held a tree planting ceremony on the 22nd of July in the grounds of the main site in Fajara. The event was very well attended and all the participants were invited to plant a tree as part of the programme. Each tree was numbered and matched to an individual and it is envisioned that in time all the trees planted will bear the name of the person who planted them.

The art of planting trees

The art of planting trees

The event was organised as part of MRCG’s ongoing Wellbeing Programme. Event organiser and MRCG Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Sarah Dufie Sarpong, told the crowd that, “Apart from providing shade, trees beautify our environment and are fundamental to man, soil conservation, land reclamation and slowing climate change. There are so many other reasons why we should all aim to plant more trees but our main reason for today is to signify our long-term commitment to environmental sustainability and inspire action from staff to protect the environment.”

MRCG Unit Director, Professor Umberto D’Alessandro also spoke at the event and talked about the importance of recognizing the issue of climate change and the individual role each person can play by saving energy and being conscious of consumption. He emphasized the importance of trees in reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. He also outlined the hope that MRCG will go completely solar in the coming years.

Mr Lamin Komma, Senior Program Officer at the Coastal & Marine Environment Department of the National Environment Agency, outlined the extent of deforestation globally and the need to combat the problem by planting as many trees as possible. He also described the potential for trees to reduce energy consumption by providing shade and reducing the need for air conditioning.

The day ended with a football match that pitted the teams from MRCG Fajara and MRCG Keneba against each other on the field of play. They played out a tight match which remained deadlocked at the final whistle. The score was 2 – 2. The scorers were Sanna Dembelleh and Bubacarr Manneh for Fajara and Bubacarr Jobarteh who hit the back of the net twice for Keneba.