MRC Unit The Gambia’s Open Day in Keneba

17 May 2016
To further strengthen MRC Unit The Gambia (MRCG)’s relationship with the surrounding community in West Kiang, Keneba Field Station will be hosting an Open Day, showcasing both The Unit’s clinical and research work in the region.

The MRCG and the Nutrition Theme is at the forefront of global efforts to combat under‐nutrition and seeks to gain novel insights into the basic mechanisms linking malnutrition to metabolic and infectious diseases. The ultimate goal is to provide a stronger theoretical basis for effective community-based and clinical interventions in deprived populations worldwide.

The Community of West Kiang

The Community of West Kiang at Keneba Field Station

Located in West Kiang for over 65 years, the Nutrition Theme has a detailed demographic database, a highly trained field team and advanced laboratory facilities all of which enable world-class research to be conducted in the heart of The Gambia. The on-site clinic provides an extensive outpatient‐based service, with a specific focus on maternal and child health, alongside an emergency out of hours service, a fully stocked pharmacy, an antenatal clinic and a supplementary feeding centre for malnourished children.

MRC Unit The Gambia at Keneba also works closely with the local Gambian Government Divisional Health Team to promote health in the region. MRCG’s work in this regard has contributed significantly to profound improvements in health and reductions in mortality rates. The Unit remains as committed as ever to continuing this trend – combatting the prevailing burden of infectious diseases and under‐nutrition in West Kiang and beyond.

On 19 May 2016, Keneba Field Station will open its doors to the local community for a day-long programme including a guided tour, poster presentations, dramas and educational games – all aimed at educating the local community about all aspects of the work MRCG conducts, why it is conducted and how it is likely to benefit the West Kiang community. Most importantly, the event is an opportunity to thank the community for their ongoing support.