MRC Unit The Gambia Advocates Open Access Publishing

26 January 2016
Publishing journals is an essential activity for science research which forms an archive of collective endeavours. Most online journals require a subscription or purchase to access the full text which is a limitation to research advancement. MRC Unit The Gambia, only publish in journals that are open access.This allows readers to access scientific research papers free of charge, without print or online journal subscription charges.


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“The United Kingdom (UK) Government, in line with its overarching commitment to transparency and open data, is committed to ensuring that published research findings should be freely accessible”. As MRC Unit The Gambia  is the UK single largest investment in medical research in a developing country, MRC Unit The Gambia  strongly advocates the Open Access Policy of the Research Council, United Kingdom’s (RCUK).

As the research portfolio of MRC Unit The Gambia’s spans from basic scientific research, clinical studies, large epidemiological studies and intervention trials. MRC Unit The Gambia ensures that all research outputs are open access and published through the Europe PubMed Central website.


More details below:

Europe PubMed Central

Europe PubMed Central is a stable, permanent and free-to-access digital archive of the full text, peer-reviewed research publications (and datasets) that arise from research funded by the MRC, the Wellcome Trust and other members of the Europe PMC Funders Group

 Research Council United Kingdom’s Open Access Policy

The Research Councils work to ensure that the public investment in research secures the maximum economic and societal return.  One of the ways of achieving this is through Open Access. The RCUK Policy on Open Access aims to achieve immediate, unrestricted, on‐line access to peer‐reviewed and published research papers, free of any access charge.