MRC Unit The Gambia’s Head of Human Resources Kathy Hill Retires

After 37 years of continuous service with MRC Unit The Gambia, the Head of Human Resources (HR), Kathy Hill retired on 31st January 2016. Kathy Hill started work at MRC Unit The Gambia on 10 May 1978. During her time at MRC Unit The Gambia, Kathy has been one in five female Heads of Departments who played a significant role in the Operations team and has being a renowned member of the Silver Team within the Business Continuity Team of MRC Unit The Gambia.


The Human Resources team bids farewell to Mrs Kathy Hill

Over the last 3 decades, Kathy has been a source of inspiration to many, drivers, field staff, nurses, and especially the staff within the Human Resources Department. Kathy Hill has made a significant contribution to what the MRC Unit The Gambia is today and her contribution is highly recognised by all staff. One of her key achievements is her immense contribution during the signing of the Local Employment Staff Code. She has also been a vital resource in setting up mechanisms for salary negotiations, staff code review and contributed to the fruitful relationship between the MRC Unit The Gambia Workers Union and management.
Kathy has always been a reservoir of wisdom and professional advice to management that enabled The Unit to achieve its recruitment, retention and capacity building goals. During her tenure as the Head of Human Resources, Kathy has built a strong reputation for honesty, hard work and commitment.

‘Kathy retires happily and will be greatly missed for her wisdom, hard work and institutional memory’ said Kalilu Dibba, Human Resources, Senior Advisor.
‘Kathy has been a personal mentor, a confidante, whose support in many respects has been instrumental in shaping my present career. I wish her the best in her retirement. I will surely miss her good sense of humour!’ said Cherno Fye, Housing Manager. ‘Her dedication to the interests of MRC Unit The Gambia is unquestionable, I admire the passion Kathy had for work’ said Badou Gaye. Head of Information Technology.

Mrs Kathy Hill bids farewell ‘I have met some wonderful committed and hard working staff at the MRC and I am going to miss them all. I would like to thank all my colleagues both present and past for their support during my 37 years at the MRC Unit The Gambia. When I first arrived at the MRC Unit The Gambia in 1978 there were less than 200 staff and now in 2016, we have over 1150 staff. I am sure that The Unit will continue to grow and thrive in the coming years.’