The Fight to Eliminate Malaria With Dr Joseph Okebe

Dr Joseph Okebe recently defended his PhD at University of Antwerp, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Belgium Dr Joseph Okebe is a Clinical Epidemiologist with a strong interest in infectious diseases in childhood and a professional background in paediatrics. He recently completed his PhD from the University of Antwerp, Belgium and his thesis focused […]

Al Jazeera Visit MRC Unit The Gambia to Cover RooPfs Intervention Study

A news crew from Al Jazeera television recently visited MRC The Gambia in Fajara and Basse following the story of MRCG’s RooPfs study. The study aims to see if malaria can be reduced by improving existing houses. The owners of 800 traditional mud houses have been enrolled, 400 of these houses had the roof changed to […]

MRCG to Undertake Tobacco Research Following Grant Award

MRC Unit The Gambia is to conduct research into tobacco control as part of one of the most ambitious international research programmes ever created. £225 Million has been invested across 37 interdisciplinary projects to address challenges in fields such as health, humanitarian crises, conflict, the environment, the economy, domestic violence, society, and technology by the […]