The Nutrition Theme Annual Retreat

5 May 2016The Nutrition Theme’s Annual Meeting for 2016 was a resounding success. Four days in Keneba packed with presentations and discussion, followed by a morning of talks in Fajara to showcase our on-going research and foster cross-talk with the other themes.The primary purpose of these annual meetings is to bring everyone up to date with the progress achieved in the past year and to introduce new studies. A key feature is to brainstorm developing ideas and provide a venue for plans to be stress-tested under friendly fire.

Nut1In common with MRCG as a whole, the Nutrition Theme needs to establish vibrant and productive links with international collaborators yet to keep the intellectual centre of gravity within The Gambia. Bringing such colleagues to where the research happens is a key element of this strategy. Yet the core of the meeting was driven by a wealth of ongoing studies, emerging data and fresh ideas from within the home team that emphasises the current strengths within MRCG. It was particularly pleasing to have some more junior members of the group contributing excellent presentations.

Keneba’s newly extended and refurbished seminar room was the ideal venue for the 80+ participants including 10 international collaborators.

Saltation and saltflats, hyenas and hepcidin, camping and calcium – however you look at it, according to one of our international visitors. “it is the best scientific meeting ever attended”.


Keneba’s newly extended and refurbished seminar room


Participants camp out on the nearby salt-flats







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