Open Day at Keneba Field Station

17 December 2018
A community open day was held at Keneba Field Station on Wednesday 7th November 2018. Over 500 visitors attended from 33 villages in West Kiang. In attendance was also the District Health Team and the National Nutrition Agency (NaNA).

Buba Jabang (Head of Operations) and Dr Toby Candler ( Nutrition Theme Coordinator) welcomed the visitors and gave a presentation highlighting the wide range of activities ongoing at the field station. The event consisted of a tour of 10 stands and visitors were divided into groups guided by staff making 15-minute stops at each stand.

  • The laboratory and biobank team outlined their work with the community and how the biobank is being used to drive cutting edge research into iron and malaria.
  • The Clinic, Maternity and Supplement Centre teams discussed their services and provided important health promotion information.
  • The data and demographic health survey team discussed how we safely protect and store the data we gather.
  • The field worker team demonstrated the wide range of activity they do in the field as the front line of the research team effort.
  • The BRIGHT study had an interactive session where guests learnt about the function of the brain and how brain imaging is being used for global health research in Keneba.
  • General nutritional advised was  given by our research nurse coordinator including about healthy eating in pregnancy.
  • The Calcium, Bone and Vitamin D department showcased their important work to improve bone health.
  • The proopiomelanocortin (POMC) study presented about how their work explores how changes to DNA may influence body weight and our appetite with important health consequences including obesity.

Participants at the Open Day

Finally guests attended an interactive quiz, where a fun question and answer session consolidated the knowledge from the day. This was followed by lunch.

The event provided an opportunity for the staff of Keneba to thank the people of West Kiang for their ongoing support which enables cutting edge research to be conducted in Keneba.

Professor Andrew Prentice commented ‘ after 70 years of partnership between MRCG at LSHTM and the people of Kiang, our annual Open Days provide a special opportunity to celebrate our joint successes and renew our friendships for another year’ .