Professor Mike Turner visits The Unit

Professor Mike Turner, Head of Infection and Immunobiology at The Wellcome Trust is visiting The Unit from 11-13 January 2016.

Professor Mike TurnerHis research interests focussed on the cell biology, immunology, genetics, genomics and population biology of trypanosome parasites that cause African sleeping sickness in humans and Nagana in livestock. He has also worked on the genomics of malaria parasites and the immunoepidemiology of schistosomes.

His visit is an opportunity to explore possible links between the Wellcome Trust ( and the MRC Unit The Gambia. He will provide a seminar about funding opportunities at Wellcome Trust. The Unit’s Leadership scientists, post-docs and PhD will also have the opportunity provide presentations to him. In addition, will be speaking to PhD students, post-docs and senior scientists in smaller groups.