Profile: Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (MDx)

6 January 2017

One of the platform services provided by Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (MDx) is the Qualitative HIV-1 test for early infant diagnosis (EID). Participation in Proficiency Testing (PT) programmes is essential to demonstrate competence in the provision of this service.

The MDx has been enrolled in an external (PT) scheme, run by Afriqualab (AFQL), Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar University (CADU) to further assure the quality of the test. Recently, the Bacteriology Virology Laboratory of AFQL and the Molecular Biology Unit of CADU awarded the Molecular Diagnostic platform an outstanding performance for achieving a 100% score in every round of the test conducted in 2015.

The certificate was issued in March 2016 by AFQL. The award further strengthens our position as a centre of excellence for laboratory research in the sub-region and reinforces our commitment to high standards of quality within MDx and all other laboratories of The Unit. The ability of our laboratories to produce consistent and reliable results is critical for patient care, clinical trials and scientific research.

To maintain this level of performance, the lab plans to enrol more diagnostic tests in PT schemes to be able to bid for ISO 15189 certification in the near future. This award is the outcome of the strong emphasis on quality and the hard work of the MDx platform staff, especially Ms Aminata Vilane who led and coordinated the process. The support of other services within The Units- including Biomedical Engineering and Quality, were critical to this achievemen