Improving the management of renal patients in The Gambia

21 October 2016
A team of specialists for renal diseases, from the University of Liege, Belgium arrived in The Gambia on Saturday 15 October 2016. The visiting team consists of three specialised doctors, Рa nephrologist (Dr Martial Moonen), a paediatrician specialised in intensive care (Dr Marc Trippaerts) and a paediatric surgeon (Dr Martine Demarche) and two nurses trained in peritoneal dialysis (PD).


Specialists for renal diseases, from the University of Liege, Belgium

The purpose of the visit is to conduct a five-day training course on PD for patients with renal failure, especially those with acute renal failure. The training, organised by the MRCG, is conducted at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in Banjul and includes 4 participants (1 doctor and 3 nurses) from the MRCG and the renal team from the EFSTH. This training is the first step of the long-term collaboration intended between the three partner institutions, (MRCG, EFSTH and Liege Hospital) and will confirm the feasibility, affordability, and scalability of the PD in The Gambia. During their stay, the team have also been able to advise doctors in MRCG and EFSTH on the management of other patients with renal disease.

As part of their visit, the specialists will deliver two seminars, one with the medical staff and research clinicians of the MRCG, and the second with the Gambian Medical & Dental Association.