The Annual Operations Strategic Planning Meeting

6 May 2016

Under the leadership of Joan Vives-Tomas, the Operations Department organised a one-day annual retreat on Tuesday 19 April 2016 at the Ebunjan Theatre in Kanifing. The main purpose of the retreat was to discuss how to support departments and align their work to meet The Unit’s strategic objectives.


Participants at the meeting

The retreat reviewed how well the Operations Department executed their business strategies, achieved set targets for 2015/2016 within the strategy, planning and performance within the core scientific and infrastructural platform at The Unit.

To start the meeting Joan Vives-Tomas, Director of Operations presented meeting objectives and expectations. During the meeting initiatives for the previous year were reviewed, as well as the long-term strategic objectives of The Unit including the 2016-2021 Quinquennial objectives were discussed. Heads of Departments presented individual strategies on finance, including capital investment and the 2016/17 budget, database development, IT investment, as well as training and development initiatives.

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