Yaya Giana shaping the Logistics Department

17 May 2017
Since November 2014, Yaya Giana has been initiating a lot of cost-saving logistics strategies for MRC Unit The Gambia (MRCG). Following his appointment as a Logistic Manager in 2016, Yaya has provided excellent containerisation schedules coupled with the best selection of affordable transportation modes for The Unit. These initiatives have reduced the amount of cargo that was coming in by air, thereby increasing the speed and frequency of deliveries by sea.

Yaya Giana, Logistic Manager

Yaya Giana, Logistic Manager

Yaya first joined MRCG in September 2012 as an Intern within the Purchasing Department. He was then appointed as a Procurement Specialist in August 2013 and was later transferred to the Logistics Department as a Logistics Officer. From there, Yaya’s hard work and determination to developing the logistics services lead to a natural progression to Logistics Manager which saw the transformation of the services offered by the Logistics Department.

Yaya is a qualified Accountant and holds a BSc in accounting from University of The Gambia as well as being a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), UK. From early on Yaya realised the importance of his own professional development as a means to creating a permanent capacity at MRCG. Over the years, Yaya embarked on several professional development courses which include, the Carriage of Diagnostic & Infectious Substance by Air. Yaya plays a key role within the Logistics Department. Under his management, the team was able to reduce the overall total freight costs, equivalent to 3%.

According to Apollo Twijukye, Head of Transport, “Yaya’s performance is commended within the Logistics Department. With great enthusiasm, Yaya is now expected to consolidate this achievement by liaising with projects, in terms of planning to bring at least 90% of non-perishable items by sea in the next financial year.”