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In recent times, several diseases have reduced very markedly in incidence in The Gambia, particularly malaria, trachoma and Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib); and although Hepatitis B virus more
Access to a sufficient quantity of nourishing foods that provide a balanced supply of essential nutrients is a cornerstone to good health. In low-income countries poverty frequently restricts such access more
The scientific evidence supporting the value of vaccination is overwhelming: In terms of reducing the burden of infectious disease, only clean water performs better, but is more expensive. more
  • MRC presents assets to the MOHSW
    Professor Umberto D'Alessandro presenting to Dr Omar Sey Minister Minister of Health and Social Welfare

    In a ceremony attended by senior representatives of the Gambian Government, MRC Unit, The Gambia handed over equipment to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) bought through the Global Fund, on Tuesday 25 August 2015. (more…)

  • Grant success for epigenetic study
    Dr Matt Silver - Nutrition Theme

    The Nutrition Theme within MRC Unit, The Gambia has been awarded £925,000 to study epigenetic mechanisms linking maternal pre-conceptional micronutrient supplementation with offspring health.  The grant was awarded by the Newton Fund in a joint initiative funded by MRC UK, the Indian Department of Biotechnology and the UK Department for International Development. (more…)

  • ‘Countdown to Life’ highlights MRC’s study
    BBC Presenter Michael Mosley cradles a newborn baby in Manduar - Copyright BBC

    “100 trillion cells; 280 days; One human life…” “Countdown To Life: The Extraordinary Making Of You” is a major new BBC TV series to be broadcast in September 2015 and around the world subsequently. It describes how critical events during the 9 months of fetal life can influence health throughout the life course. (more…)

Established in The Gambia in 1947, the MRC is the UK's single largest investment in medical research in a developing country. The Unit's research focuses on infectious diseases of immediate concern to The Gambia and the continent of Africa, with the aim of reducing the burden of illness and death in the country and the developing world as a whole. read more
Disease Control and Elimination
In recent times, several diseases have reduced very markedly...
Disease Control and Elimination
Access to a sufficient quantity of nourishing foods that...
Vaccines and Immunity
The scientific evidence supporting the value of vaccination is...
Vaccines and Immunity
Emeritus Scientist Professor Hilton Whittle has been studying some of the leading causes of illness and death in the developing world for almost forty years. Hilton, a pioneer of the Gambia Hepatitis Intervention Scheme (GHIS), gives a potted history of one of the longest running longitudinal studies of an infectious disease in the Tropics.
1945The Gambia first mentioned in MRC reports, when staff were appointed... more
1947Nutrition Working Party established at Genieri in the Central River...more
1948Lieutenant Colonel Dr J Walters appointed Resident Director in... more
1949Dr Ian McGregor recruited to study the relationship between parasitism...more
1953Following recommendations, the laboratories were converted to a...more
1954Dr I McGregor appointed Director... more
1956The Trachoma Group transferred from Jordan to The Gambia... more
1964The role of antibodies in protection against malaria established... more
1973MRC Dunn Nutrition Unit relocated from Uganda to Keneba... more
1974Dr Bray appointed Director... more
1978Dr I Mc Gregor appointed Director... more
1980Dr Brian Greenwood appointed Director; a new programme of work...more
1980Scientific direction of the Keneba Unit taken over by the main... more
1982Basse field site established; it was initially a focus for studies on... more
1983Farafenni field site established; it was chosen as a suitable... more
1986Commencement of the Gambia Hepatitis Intervention Study... more
1986Chloroquine resistance demonstrated in studies in the Farafenni area...more
1986HIV research programme started... more
1988Caio field site established to undertake a long term study of the... more
1988Discovery by Sarah Rowland-Jones and colleagues in The Gambia... more
1995Established that insecticide treated bednets decrease overall... more
1995Professor Keith McAdam appointed Director... more
2004Appointment of a Unit Executive Management Board... more
2004'Flies and Eyes' study findings published (Role of flies and provision... more
2005Successful completion of the Pneumococcal Vaccine Trial in Basse... more
2005Elimination of Hib in The Gambia, following the incorporation... more
2008Findings on investigation into dramatic decline in malaria prevalence in... more

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