Immunology Training in The Gambia

From December 4th to December 9th a training workshop on basic immunology and malaria immunology was conducted by Stephen Cose and John Raynes from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

During the first 3 days of the session, participants were taught the basic facts of immunology. These sessions were delivered by Stephen Cose and John Raynes.

Lars Hviid from Denmark, Alister Craig, Eleanor Riley and Simon Draper from the United Kingdom delivered the malaria immunology module looking at how the immune system deals (or not!) with malaria infection.

Participants at the training

Participants at the training

It was a very interactive session with participants engaging the trainers with insightful questions. The trainers were very impressed with the level of understanding of the participants.

Special thanks go to Adam Drammeh and Oumie Ceesay who were tireless in organising everything for the course, and were, in large part, responsible for the success of the course.